About ModelGenics

We wanted to create a playing ground for models and all talents to connect, aspire, and create with one another. A collective artistry as you might say, to tap into one’s potential, and merge all of your social media identities together to most accurately represent yourself in the modeling world. Modelgenics was created to not only highlight your portfolio at a glance, but also allows models to showcase other talents in acting, unique skills, language ability, the whole package. Models nowadays are more than just a pretty face; we are stylists, makeup artists, social influencer, actors/actresses, lifestyle coaches, dancers, singers, rappers, etc. Modelgenics have come to fill in the social infrastructure gap that has been vacant in the entertainment community for so long.

Talent and perseverance is sometimes not enough to land a dream job in the modeling world, as many of us has many side jobs to support our dreams. However here, our staff offers the exposure and professional network needed to support your goals. We hope users will find a positive community here at Modelgenics and further grow your branding and image by using our website. Please help us share your personality, your goals, and creativity with others and make Modelgenics a home for all talents.

Your creativity has no limit; let it guide you. Sending my warmest adoration and love!!!

Here is what ModelGenis got to offer:

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Use ModelGenics as your go-to portfolio, for online use and when you go to castings in-person.

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