Site Rules, Responsibilities, & Agreement

We try our best to make ModelGenics a fun and safe place for members, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help to keep this community safe with your commitments as followed. By accessing or using ModelGenics, you hereby agree and accept all our statements pertaining to ModelGenics below whether on or offline. The following behaviors or activities are strictly prohibited when using the ModelGenics Services by any member or ModelGenics Services user:

  • Strong, vulgar, racially, ethnically or otherwise harmful languages.
  • Sexual content, pornography, or illegal/dangerous/harmful content, actions, information of any kind whether on the site or from third parties.
  • Harassing, stalking, intimidating, or threatening other ModelGenics members.
  • Defamatory or otherwise libelous languages.
  • Online vandalism or against what we deemed the spirit of ModelGenics.
  • Impersonation of another person, or Copyright violations
  • Posting, distributing, transmitting or promoting illegal Content.
  • Invasion of another member’s privacy.
  • Actions that are hurtful to minors or others both intentionally and unintentionally.
  • Providing, posting, transmitting or otherwise making available any materials or information infringing on the rights of a third party or members.
  • Providing, posting, transmitting or otherwise making available any spam, or junk mail.
  • Uploading, posting, emailing or otherwise transferring any material that contains any malicious computer code, virus, reverse engineering, or hacking any materials associated with the ModelGenics Services.

We maintain a policy of cooperation with any legal/law enforcement authorities, including but not exclusive to court order requesting or directing ModelGenics to disclose the identity of anyone posting any such information or materials. We have the right, but not an obligation, to strictly enforce the Terms of Use through self-help, moderation, active investigation, litigation and prosecution. We do not encourage misconduct pertaining to online and offline of users on ModelGenics or third parties and will be hold harmless against any possible legal claims arising from activities on our site.

By accessing or using ModelGenics Services, you agree to use ModelGenics at your own risk and waive all your rights to bring claims in relating to ModelGenics directly or indirectly and hereby abiding by our Site Rules and Regulation. We try our best to keep ModelGenics safe, spam-free, and secure but we cannot guarantee that ModelGenics will always be secure, safe, or express any warranties or implied warranties of non-infringement, and are not liable for any loss/stolen/claims of damages, known and unknown to you in relation to ModelGenics or of any kind. ModelGenics is not responsible for any disruptions, actions, information, data, or content of third parties, and you hereby release us, our founders, employees, officers, agents, staffs, helpers from any loss, damages, whether known or unknown, in any way connected or emerging with any claim against any third parties. You hereby waive your right to bring any claims against ModelGenics. We provide rules and conduct, but we are not responsible for user’s misconduct of any kind online or offline and will not be held accountable to any claim against users on our site. If anyone files claim against us related to your actions of any kind including information, content, or conduct, you will remit and hold us unaccountable from and against all losses/damages, expenses of any kind including legal costs and fees related so such claim. We will not be held accountable/liable or responsible to you for any for any inappropriate content, behavior, actions, illegal conduct on ModelGenics online or offline of users on our website whether direct or indirect. Our statements are legally binding and please treat this page as a legal contract between ModelGenics and users or those accessing this website.

We hereby hold all rights to delete/discontinue/disable your profile at any given time at our discretion and withheld our services to you if deemed appropriate. We will also stop providing our service at ModelGenics if you violate our Site Regulations and Responsibilities or the spirit of ModelGenics, or create possible liabilities whether directly or indirectly for us, with no notifications to you at any given time.